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It is the professionals who determine the greatness of a business. That is the motto guiding the Farmavet Group in its laborious process of optimizing the business model. Thus, over the past year, big names from the pharmaceutical industry have joined the Group, complementing the strong top management team, whose members are passionate and have a combined expertise which is hard to match, at least in Romania. One of the objectives of the new team is to support the efforts made by the Farmavet Group to remain an industry benchmark, recognized for the quality of its products and services, but also for the standards of excellence it imposes on the industry and to do so through know-how and plenty of expertise. Throughout this process, the functions of Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and veterinary medicinal product and vaccine production play a key role.

We invite you to meet some of the professionals in these business areas, and to learn their role within the Farmavet Group from each of them, as well as their responsibilities and business plans for this year.


Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Director

Margareta Mareş is one of the most respected professionals in the pharmaceutical industry in Romania.  She is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy within the ‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Bucharest and has a master’s degree in ‘Health System Management’ from the Faculty of Sociology within the University of Bucharest.

Throughout her career, Margareta has been involved in complex business development, GMP and GDP certification and product development projects for companies both in Romania and abroad. She spent 13 years working for one of the top companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Romania, i.e., Europharm Distribuţie, where she was the Procurement Director for six years, only then to run the entire operational activity of the company, as the General Manager, for seven years.

Margareta has joined the top management team of the Farmavet Group as the Director of the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs function.

Margareta Mares 1

‘My coming to Farmavet marks a time when I feel professionally accomplished. The team with whom I work is made up of people with vast experience in their respective areas of expertise. And our goal is to focus on continuous improvement, learning, development and streamlining every day, since QUALITY is our ultimate objective.

When you create QUALITY, you must be the first one to show it, which challenges us to be role models for the organization. Seneca said, ‘It is quality rather than quantity that matters.’ My team and I want to deliver top quality ‘quantity’ and quality in the required ‘quantity’.

Some of Margareta’s strategic objectives include: developing quality management systems specific to each company which is part of the Farmavet Group and creating a quality-oriented working environment. Some of Margareta’s duties will also include the development of the management system for the authorization of the products in the Farmavet Group portfolio.

Moreover, the Health, Safety and Environmental Management activity is a priority for Margareta. This involves the development of the system for compliance with the occupational health and safety and environmental laws, focusing on the Group contribution to the creation of a working environment targeting care for man and the environment.

Margareta Mareş’s role is a key one within the Group, as she is a business partner for the marketing, sales and management teams, as well as the relevant authorities in her field of work.

Margareta Mareş has also temporarily taken over the management of the veterinary biological product plant within the Farmavet Group. The strategic projects currently carried out at the plant fall within the scope of continuous process improvement, technological capability upgrade, business streamlining, with a focus on maintaining the quality standards set out in the Good Veterinary Product Manufacturing Practice Guidelines, so as to be able to contribute to the development of the business by increasing the export of veterinary vaccines and ensuring the necessary vaccines for the domestic market.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Director

Marinela Panait is a professional with over 18 years’ experience, and a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry within the University of Bucharest, with a master’s degree in Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca. Marinela has worked for manufacturing companies in the human pharmaceutical industry. Over time she has developed skills in areas such as: manufacturing, quality assurance and control, as well as business management. She is certified as an auditor in the field of quality and has coordinated major projects of manufacturing flow optimization in factories both in Romania and abroad, as well as projects of implementation and validation of information systems for the pharmaceutical industry, and projects of certification of quality management systems in the pharmaceutical field.

Marinela Panait 2

‘I joined the Farmavet team in December of 2020 and, for the first six months of my activity, I focused my energy and creativity on the manufacturing activities carried out at the plants in Filipeștii de Pădure. The manufacturing activity relies on people and, as far as I am concerned, the team is the key to success and the driver for the implementation of strategic plant upgrade projects, for the development of the manufacturing portfolio and the company performance. Responsibility, trust, transparency, mutual support and one’s personal example are the elements which I encourage in the over 100 employees making up the team whom I lead.’

Marinela Panait’s role within the company includes the management of the Pasteur plants located in Filipeștii de Pădure (for the manufacture of over 180 veterinary medicinal products, biocidal products, cosmetics for veterinary and human use), as well as the development of a team focused on performance, continuous improvement and enhancing both productivity and quality. Marinela’s duties in her new role include optimizing and automating manufacturing flows and improving their performance, as well as maintaining quality standards in accordance with the requirements set out in the Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines for the Manufacturing of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products. All these target the manufacture of safe, therapeutically effective and high-quality products. Moreover, Marinela will be constantly involved in strategic projects for the development of the product and service portfolio.


Head of Medical and Regulatory Affairs

Camelia Mihai is one of the professionals with significant expertise who supplemented the Farmavet team in 2020. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine within the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca and has a master’s degree in ‘The Control and Expert Assessment of Products of Animal Origin'. Throughout her career, Camelia has held several positions within the various marketing, sales and regulatory affairs departments of pharmaceutical companies such as Servier Pharma, Bristol Myers Squibb and Abbvie.

Camelia Mihai 2

‘The fact that I have joined the Farmavet team is a major step in my career, and I am delighted to be taking on new responsibilities. This year’s main objective is to establish a successful RA & Medical team, to strengthen the QA & RA function as a benchmark for the veterinary industry. I am a very big believer in team spirit, and I am convinced that, alongside an enthusiastic team, ‘You can accomplish anything!’ Another strategic objective is the development of the veterinary product files, which we want to bring to European standards.’

The mission of the RA & Medical Department focuses on the design of veterinary medical training programs and the interface with the relevant authorities.

‘I very much want to help with the company’s connections within European and global professional associations and I am convinced that my team and I will be able to keep Farmavet products on the top ranks of quality.’


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