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There is a relationship of necessity in protecting animal health – humans are directly and deeply dependent on animals to ensure its food and normal functioning. The availability of products of animal origin is nowadays seen as a basic right, which is taken for granted. But there are many demands related there to – the general public and consumers are asking breeders not only to ensure the continuity of supply and affordability, but also the total safety of the products and new practices of animal wellbeing. These new demands are now great challenges for breeders and producers.

We support and promote the appropriate treatment and increase in the quality of life of production animals, as a sign of respect and gratitude given their major role in our lives. Furthermore, we are concerned with ensuring optimal health conditions throughout their lives and are constantly working with breeders to help them cope with difficulties, expectations and needs.

In a restrictive and competitive environment, the health of the livestock is a priority for the health of the business – breeders cannot afford to have livestock losses that render their competitiveness and financial prospects vulnerable. We are in constant dialogue with farm owners, engineers and veterinarians to provide them with the prevention and treatment solutions they need. We have the ability to provide them with both medication and hygiene, biosecurity and care solutions. Through our extensive range of suppliers, we provide them with the options they can afford, with sanitary and veterinary efficiency.

Moreover, we can help them supplement their nutrition and feed solutions. Thanks to the partnerships we have developed, we have the ability to provide breeders with approaches, know-how, programmes and products that raise the quality of production and economic efficiency. Specialists from our own group of companies, as well as Farmavet partners can assist customers by providing consultancy for exploiting and maximising resources.

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