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Farmavet Group offers doctors over 1.5 tons of products

Farmavet Group offers doctors over 1.5 tons of detergents, soaps and disinfectants through “Dăruiește Viață”

Farmavet Group, one of the most important integrators of pharmaceutical and nutrition solutions for the Veterinary Industry in Romania, offered the “Dăruiește Viață” Association soaps, detergents and disinfectants for human use, as well as products for muscle relaxation worth 100,000 lei. They will reach the medical staff from the public health institutions that treat or that will take over patients with Covid19 from Bucharest and all over the country. They will also be distributed to hospitals and wards that need to ensure continuity of medical assistance, especially for vulnerable patients or those with medical emergencies.

"We are happy to help healthcare professionals and patients with essential hygiene products, which help prevent the spread of disease. In addition to soaps, detergents and disinfectants, we have the opportunity to provide the medical body with products that help alleviate the effects of sustained and prolonged physical exertion during this period. We thank “Dăruiește Viață” for their concern regarding the health system, care for patients and for their efficiency ", said Irina Roșu, CEO of the Farmavet Group.

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The products are offered by Farmavet SA - major distributor of veterinary medical solutions and made in Romania by Pasteur Filiala Filipești SA - one of the main producers of biological products and generic drugs in the veterinary field. Farmavet SA, Pasteur Filiala Filipești SA and FNC Nutriție Pietroiu SA (animal feed manufacturer) are part of the Farmavet Group*

The donation consists of:

  • 1,000 liters of Soft As - liquid soap for washing hands and body.
  • 480 liters of Degres As - super-concentrated liquid detergent for surfaces, from which up to 48 tons of washing solution can be obtained, depending on the degree of dirt.
  • 100 liters Deo sept - concentrated liquid disinfectant detergent for decontamination and disinfection of surfaces, equipment, machinery and furniture in public spaces, medical units, laboratories, public transport.
  • 2,400 Eqvagel Forte units, a calming and relaxing gel for human use, used for muscle contractions after physical exertion and for stimulating circulation.

*Farmavet Group - does not represent a legal entity. The term generically refers to the integrated management of the three entities.

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