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The veterinary industry can contribute to the efforts against the Covid19 pandemic! Pasteur Filiala Filipeşti has also adapted its production processes to be able to manufacture sanitisers as 70% alcohol-based gel, in six presentation forms, from 30 ml to 5 L, and in various dispensing versions. The sanitisers are manufactured at the factory located in Filipeștii de Pădure for which the company has obtained the cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification through the continued efforts of the team and thanks to the already existing configuration and processes with GMP accreditation for the production of medicines.


Taking into account the intensive use of disinfectants during this period, the development team has integrated the concerns and warnings of dermatologists regarding the vulnerability of the skin under the effect of these products. Thus, CleanSkin solutions have been formulated in the company laboratories to include aloe vera and glycerine, agents which prevent dehydration and help reduce inflammation of the epidermis, while also ensuring the efficiency of the sanitation.

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