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Farmavet is one of the most experienced providers of veterinary solutions in Romania. Our company has gone through a period of major transformations since 1998, with Farmavet restructuring into a modern and efficient supplier. Since 2019, the company’s majority shareholder is CEE Equity Partners and Eastern Europe Investment Co-operation Fund II, an important investment fund which supports our development and sets a fast pace of accelerated evolution for the company.

Our portfolio includes over 3000 products, both manufactured in Romania and imported. Nowadays, we target more than 7200 customers, and have established ourselves as a specialist in the supply of anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic and antiseptic products, disinfectants and detergents, insecticides, rodenticides, cosmetics, dermatological, hormonal, otic and ophthalmic products, products for the nervous and digestive systems, reagents and diagnostic kits, vaccines, vitamins, minerals and food supplements.

Farmavet products are available through the distribution network dedicated to professionals and farms, as well as through its own chain of veterinary pharmacies dedicated to pet owners and households. The distribution network includes a modern central hub in Filipeşti, which supplies the 13 local warehouses, ensuring effective national coverage. The pharmacy chain contains more than 160 units and is an affordable and accessible option for veterinary medicines and products in urban and rural areas.

Farmavet has a vast geographical expansion with B2B and retail coverage which is unrivalled. Through our presence, product portfolio, long-term collaborations with manufacturers and long-standing experience, we are an indispensable and trustworthy partner for farmers and veterinarians to rely on.



The Zooveterinary Pharmaceutical Plant specialising in the distribution of veterinary products was established.


The company became privately owned and started its entrepreneurial journey, experiencing a significant increase in business.


Farmavet grew and reported sales of EUR 7 million. The company started significantly expanding its product portfolio.


Farmavet launched a modern national warehouse at Filipeștii de Pădure and strengthened its B2B distribution with new local warehouses and continued opening its own pharmacies.


The portfolio development led to the growth of the customer base. Farmavet then became a major supplier of veterinary products for farms, veterinarians, and rural households. The company recorded a turnover in excess of EUR 31 million.


CEE Equity Partners and Eastern Europe Investment Co-operation Fund II investment fund took over the majority stake of Farmavet, as well as Pasteur Filiala Filipești and FNC  Nutritie Pietroiu. The fund consolidated the entities under the name of the Farmavet Group, through an integrated management of the three companies.


The Fund set a rapid growth rate for Farmavet, through the development of its portfolio, processes, and operations. The company was given a new brand identity to reflect this new stage of development.  

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