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Irina Roșu, the Architect of Businesses

In the interview given to the well-known magazine ”Capital - Top 100 Successful Managers”, April 2021 edition, Irina Roșu, CEO Group Farmavet, talks about the stages and challenges in building the foundation for the next level of business, experience which she thinks is similar to the one of an architect reinforcing as a piece of art.

macheta 27 042021

Farmavet Group is one of the largest providers of veterinary solutions in Romania. The group’s CEO, Irina Roșu, has granted to Revista Capital an exclusive interview about the major company projects, the plans for the future and how business has been affected by the pandemic.

This group of companies embodies a „huge undertaking” for Roșu: it totals 800 people, three legal entities, a chain of 10 regional warehouses, a network of over 170 veterinary pharmacies, and four plants. The challenge is considerable.

“I committed for a 2 year-term mandate to build the foundation for the next level of business. I have tackled this project as a piece of art requiring every effort to preserve its architecture and originality, while also organising a major reinforcement of its foundation and its entire structure available, so that we might later continue adding new storeys. We are in the midst of a large “building site”, with dozens of projects carried out simultaneously, which must synchronise perfectly”, as recounted to us by the company CEO.


For Irina Roșu, the creation of a management team has been the most complex project within the group so far. “It has been a difficult journey to find the right people, for the right place and the right time. But now, one year later, we have managed to create a full team. All my colleagues are wonderful and passionate people, true professionals and visionaries. What brings us together is a shared personal goal: to create something valuable, that is important to thousands of other lives.”

This year, the agenda for the Farmavet Group management is very busy. The goal is to finalize the projects initiated last year: the reorganisation and rightsizing of the three group companies, the up-grading of the plants and pharmacies chain, as well as the implementation a new organisation culture. Moreover, they will develop the Export Division, up-grade the Retail Business Units based on a holistic concept and they will expand the product portfolio. (Irina Stoica)

Sursa: Revista Capital

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