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PRESS RELEASE, 29.03.2020 - The Farmavet Group Starts Its Journey in 2021 with a New Visual Identity and the Goal of Maintaining the Trend of the +20% Turnover Increase compared to the Previous Year

The Farmavet Group Starts Its Journey in 2021 with a New Visual Identity and the Goal of Maintaining the Trend of the +20% Turnover Increase compared to the Previous Year

Bucharest, 29.03.2021 – The Farmavet Group, the largest veterinary service integrator in Romania (the production of veterinary medicinal and biological products, the production of premixtures – distribution – retail), ended 2020 with approximately EUR 45M in turnover, i.e. an increase of 20% compared to the previous year.

In addition to the growing results, the Farmavet Group started 2021 with a new business model, a complete management team and a reorganized activity, ready for development and adaptation to the new requirements of the domestic and international markets.

2020 was a year of profound changes within the group, which went from an entrepreneurial business model to a corporate one, in parallel with the redesigning of the business vision.

“One of the major objectives in this process has been to maximize the synergies within the group so that we could start 2021 with a solid platform to enable the development of the product and service portfolio, as well as the upgrade of the production facilities”, as stated by Irina Roșu, the CEO of the Farmavet Group.

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In addition to adapting the business to the reality of the pandemic, so that the supply of the products and services offered by the group should not be interrupted at any time, all the departments have undergone an extensive process of reorganization, from both a procedural and a human point of view, managing to attract an impressive number of new skills and talents.

Creating the group’s visual identity is precisely an expression of the profound and synergistic transformations which started in 2020. The rebranding process marks the new group paradigm, with distinct objectives and strategies for the three Commercial Divisions (Domestic Wholesale, Domestic Retail Sales, Export Sales), as well as the three Production Divisions (Medicinal Products, Vaccines and Nutritional Feed). Thus, the Commercial and Production Divisions will have distinct visual identities, generated by the mission and the values associated with each of them. These support the philosophy endorsed by the group and summarized in the motto “doing well by doing good”

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“For 2021 once again we have very high ambitions: to maintain the trend of the increase in turnover by more than 20% compared to last year, while also doubling the profitability to allow us to support the significant investment effort which we are planning for this year. Considerable investment is needed to intensify the process of digitization and automation in all business areas (factories, warehouses, logistics), as well as update and upgrade of all the quality assurance and control processes. That is the only way we can follow our vision to become the benchmark for the domestic veterinary medicine market and can stand by all our customers with high quality products and services which are both affordable in terms of price and accessible in terms of the availability at national level”, Irina Roșu also added.

In 2021, the FARMAVET Group aims at suprising the market with an even wider Portfolio of products for farm and household production animals, as well as the expansion of the portfolio of medicinal, care and nutrition products for pets.

The Wholesale Division reinvented itself earlier this year, with updated business policies and sales teams with personalized skills for each category of customers (farms, pharmacies, practices/clinics, licensee vets, etc.).

Moreover, the group comes with a new integrated approach to the Retail Division. Thus, the current network of over 170 veterinary pharmacies will continue to grow both in terms of the nationwide coverage, but also in terms of the concepts offered.

“We are very focused on this holistic approach to the skills of the Farmavet Group in order to be able to generate new integrated services with added value for our customers. The start of this year finds us ready with new skills and new product ranges, as well as an extensive portfolio of services and multiple initiatives for upgrading and streamlining our production facilities”, Irina Roșu concluded.

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About the Farmavet Group

The group, generically called the Farmavet Group, brings together Farmavet, Pasteur Filiala Filipeşti and FNC Nutriție Pietroiu.

A benchmark for the local industry, with a history beginning 125 years ago, with the establishment of the Pasteur Institute for Sera and Vaccines in Bucharest, the Farmavet Group now marks more than 20 years of modern existence, investment and expansion with an integrated production and marketing activity.

The production of vaccines and medicinal products for veterinary use takes place in 3 GMP certified factories (a vaccine factory in Bucharest and two medicinal product factories in Filipeștii de Pădure). Production is supplemented by a fourth dry and green fodder factory located in Borcea.

The entire production is taken over by the distribution network and its own chain of pharmacies, both managed by Farmavet. Since 2019, the group has enjoyed the support of the China Central and Eastern Europe Investment Co-operation Fund II, which operates in 16 markets in the region with over $1.2 billion in commitments.

For further details about the Farmavet Group, please visit: www.farmavet.ro

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