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Aldezin disinfectant has been approved for use in public and private spaces

Pasteur Filiala Filipești, one of the most important producers of biological products, medicines and veterinary products in Romania, announces that the disinfected Aldezin has been approved by the Biocides Commission of the Ministry of Health and can be used for category TP2 - disinfection in public, private and industrial spaces. The product has been tested and confirmed by an independent international laboratory, accredited by the competent authorities to be effective, in the appropriate formulation, against known human Coronaviruses.

The laboratory of J.S Hamilton Poland tested Aldezin and certified in March of this year the virucidal action of the disinfectant against human Coronaviruses in a concentration of 3% and with an action time of 60 minutes.

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According to TP2 approval, Aldezin can be used to disinfect surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture - which are not in contact with food - walls, floors in private, public and industrial spaces, excepting those in the medical field. Aldezin is a concentrated professional disinfectant with bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal action approved for the food industry (category TP4), as well as for the veterinary field (category TP3).

Aldezin is produced by Pasteur Filiala Filipești, being a known and widely used biocide and which, until 2016, was also approved for use in the TP2 category. Given the current shortage of disinfectants in Romania during this period, the company requested and received the Aldezin approval for TP2 use as described above.

Pasteur Filiala Filipești is one of the most important producers of immunological and generic products in the veterinary field in Romania. The company has a production facility in Bucharest that makes vaccines, reagents and diagnostic kits. Pasteur Filiala Filipești also has two GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified production facilities in Filipeștii de Pădure, where it makes injectable solutions, tablets, oral solutions, powders, suspensions and ointments in the categories of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, hormonal products, ophthalmic and otics, vitamins, minerals and rehydrators, rodenticides, insecticides, cosmetics, disinfectants and detergents.

Pasteur Filiala Filipești is part, together with Farmavet - major distributor of veterinary products and solutions and FNC Nutriție Pietroiu -  of the group generically named* Farmavet.

*The Farmavet Group is not a legal entity. The term generically refers to the integrated management of the three entities.

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