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Details of Pasteur Filiala Filipești following cases of Covid19 infections

16 employees of Pasteur Filiala Filipești were confirmed with Covid19 as a result of the tests requested by the company, after reporting the first case of infection. Management proactively decided to close the affected production facility and immediately contacted the authorities to start disinfection, the epidemiological investigation and coordination efforts. We are closely working with them and fully cooperate to limit the potential effects. Colleagues confirmed with Covid19 are currently asymptomatic and in good health.

We would like to point out that since the beginning of the pandemic, our company has applied all the recommendations of the competent public institutions and has also implemented additional measures for the protection of employees and customers. We have applied the ‘work-from-home’ scheme where possible, segregated flows and reorganized the work schedule in shifts, alongside restricted access and interactions between departments. We have also offered our colleagues authorized transport with minibuses, in order to limit the concentration of people. We have trained the staff regarding Covid19, subsidized disinfection of the premises and made them available to colleagues with protective materials and equipment. Our employees benefit from sanitization kits with disinfectant for human use and soap, also being thermally scanned at the beginning and end of their shifts.

We mention that the 16 cases of Covid19 were registered only at one of the two production units that Pasteur Filiala Filipești owns at Filipeștii de Pădure. They are located in separate buildings, at a distance of about 100 meters from each other and each have separate staff and flows. Only the affected unit was temporarily closed. The second continues to operate under increased safety measures and protection. We continue to monitor the situation and are in constant contact with the authorities.

This situation does not affect the distribution activity. Farmavet continues to operate normally, to receive and deliver orders, following increased hygiene and safety measures. Our warehouses are open and operational, with sales and customer support teams fully functional. We assure you that we continue our activity, while applying rigorous protection measures for employees and customers, indicated by the authorities, but also additional, decided at the company level.

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