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It is estimated that there are more than 11 million pets in Romania. They are benefiting from quality healthcare more and more nowadays. The large number of veterinary practices makes health services widely accessible, and the emergence of general, as well as specialised hospitals indicates needs that are still developing in the market. Likewise, they are an indicator of owners’ willingness to spend growing personal resources to the animals in their care. More broadly, it is an indicator of how owners’ relationship with pets has also evolved in Romania – pets are important family members, who enjoy affection, care, and rights.

As critical medical treatments are becoming accessible and a need that can be easily met, owners are moving to the next level. They want their partners to have as long a life as possible, and the quality of life has become more important. Metabolic diseases, allergies, recovery from neurological disorders, cancer treatments, geriatric conditions are becoming areas of interest for owners, to which we are also paying close attention.

We must expect these conditions to record a high prevalence, as well as seeing new demands. As in the human field, the increase in pet nutrition options has not been accompanied by an equivalent increase in the attention paid to the quality of the food and its age-based adaptation. This leads to an increase in liver, pancreatic and digestive disorders in general, which worry owners. Then, there are the genetic problems with inflammatory or autoimmune diseases resulting even from breeding, an area which is still in its infancy in Romania.

All this calls for new approaches for the entire veterinary field – modern, adapted and high-quality nutrition, therapies for non-critical conditions, new medicines that retain efficacy, and are also friendly in a set of multiple conditions, food supplements that might delay specific and known disorders of the species, as well as aging-related disorders. Farmavet understands the trends of this paradigm shift and is constantly scanning the global veterinary industry to identify the manufacturers and suppliers who are at the forefront of today’s and tomorrow’s pet research and solutions.

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